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Lessons, Fees, and Availability

Free Meet & Greet

For all prospective students, I offer a free Meet & Greet as an opportunity to connect, understand the student's background & interests, and provide an opportunity for students and parents to ask questions. These typically last 20-30 minutes. Just choose an available lesson time at the link below and indicate "prospective student."

I look forward to meeting you!

Availability Winter & Spring 2023

Lessons continue to be offered online for anyone who prefers the convenience. Local students are welcome to take lessons in person on a regular or intermittent basis. Currently, lessons are all booked and charged at the 45 minute rate. Please plan for your lesson to take an hour as we frequently do run a bit long (at no additional charge). I am happy to accommodate younger students who may benefit from shorter 30 minute lessons.

General availability is as follows, please click though to my booking page for specific availability. 

Monday:  evenings 

Wednesday: evenings

Saturday: mornings

Sunday: afternoon/evenings


Times are Eastern US/Canada

(New York/Toronto) 

I offer flexible and easy online scheduling and rescheduling. Students may adjust their schedule as needed each week or may book a consistent weekly time. Please just ensure 24 hours notice for any reschedules and be sure you use your allotted number of lessons by the end of the month/term. 

Weekly Lessons & Payment

I donate 10% of lesson fees to performing arts organizations.

Weekly lessons provide just the right amount of time for home practice and a good rate of progress; however, I appreciate that we are all juggling a lot of other activities so I continue to offer considerable scheduling flexibility while encouraging 4-5 lessons per month. Adult students are welcome to follow a more flexible schedule with a lesson frequency that meets your needs.

Notes for 2023:​

  • All lessons this term are scheduled (and invoiced) for 45 minutes. We all seemed to appreciate this format in 2022 as it allows a 15 minute space between students for extra instructional time as needed and a more leisurely wrap-up. Sometimes this means lessons last a full hour but you are never invoiced for the additional time. Elementary school age students may still schedule 30 minute lessons, be in touch to discuss options. 


Standard Rates for weekly lessons are:

[$60 for an hour lesson]

$50 for a 45-minute lesson

$35 for 30 minute young child lessons


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