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Teaching Philosophy

“Life without playing music is inconceivable for me... I get most joy in life out of music.” - Albert Einstein

Hello! I am Victoria (Mira Victoria if you were curious what the M. initial was all about). I find great joy in helping students develop a lifelong love of music, whether studying for ​personal enrichment, working toward a competition or RCM certificate, or training for a music career​.


During Your Lessons

My students begin their music studies by collaboratively developing a personalized study path to support ​their unique and often evolving goals. ​Built around the RCM curriculum if desired, ​study paths help students develop well-rounded musicianship skills through four core pillars of musical development: technical skills, musicianship, repertoire, and musical literacy. These pillars are customized to the student and form the central components of lessons and home practice. Study paths, even for the very young or casual student, typically include:

  • refinement of technique for healthy and efficient playing.

  • integration of music theory & music history through a practical approach, developing well-rounded musical literacy while progressing skills on the flute or piano.

  • exploration of rhythm, sight reading, and ear training to increase musical fluency. These skills also increase the likelihood of continuing to play an instrument after formal music studies conclude.

  • cultivation of artistry and expression.

During lessons, I may deepen connections to a piece by encouraging a creative student to invent a story to accompany the music. For a more analytical student, we may spend extra time deconstructing a piece to understand its component parts. Energetic and young students may have a wider variety of activities during their lessons and time away from the instrument to work on note reading and theory in a fun, experiential way. In addition, games and exercises are often employed to build confidence around sight reading and ear training.


The Benefits of Music Study

Lessons develop music skills and life skills. During weekly lessons, students are prepared to work independently during the week ahead with a practice plan and commitment to a practice schedule. When needed, accountability tools such as sticker charts, audio/visual documentation, or other support techniques are incorporated between lessons. The objectives are to develop an intrinsic motivation to practice, improve time management, and learn to set priorities for practice, ultimately minimizing parental reminding & nudging. Together, these life skills offer significant support for the development of musical capabilities, and beyond.

In addition to lessons and daily practice, students have the opportunity to prepare for RCM exams and other performing opportunities if desired. Students are also encouraged to attend at least two live performances annually to expand their musical experience. Parents (or partners of adult students) are welcome to join students in all activities, including lessons.

A Little About My Background

I bring to teaching a depth of music study, performance, and competition experience in addition to studies involving human motivation and behavior. I entered university as a music major and enjoyed performance opportunities at the U.S. white house, on nationally (U.S.) televised events, in all-state concert bands, mid-atlantic region performing ensembles, and masterclasses with musicians including Sir James Galway and Dr. William Montgomery. In addition, I completed piano pedagogy studies, with applicability to all instruments, through The Royal Conservatory of Music’s internationally renowned teacher training program, specializing in Preparatory through Level 4. Over the years, my studies expanded beyond music through a graduate program at Harvard where I was introduced to the field of positive psychology and further graduate courses involving human motivation and behavior at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. I weave relevant tools from these studies into my teaching to support students on their learning journeys.


Let's Get Started

Now is a great time to begin learning an instrument, or return after time away. I specialize in beginner and intermediate flute studies for adults of all ages and children in grade 4 and higher. As a parent myself, I find a special joy in seeing a child’s musical skills unfold. As an adult, I have both taken up a new instrument and returned to instruments after time away, helping me understand first hand the experience of beginning a music journey as an adult, and the occasional struggles of returning to an instrument after time away. I look forward to embarking on this journey with you and/or your child! Book your free meet and greet to learn more.

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