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About Victoria

I began teaching flute in 1991 under the mentorship of my teacher, Dr. Linda Kirkpatrick. Later, as a university music major (flute, trumpet, voice, and piano), I was among few freshmen selected to take on students in my university's preparatory program, solidifying my love of teaching. There is a special joy in working with beginners, seeing the skills, enthusiasm, and confidence grow. It is an honor to support students as they begin their musical training, whether in childhood or as adults.    

I bring a warm and encouraging approach to lessons, stemming from my academic training in positive psychology (Harvard) and human behavior (UNC-Chapel Hill). Lessons are well-rounded and based in current music pedagogy from my professional development training through the Royal Conservatory of Music (2020). In addition, I encourage students to collaborate in developing their learning path to help ensure that the experience remains engaging with music and activities that are of interest to them and aligned with their learning style.  

I enjoy performing in ensembles, from large concert bands and orchestras to intimate woodwind quartets, jazz bands, and flute and vocal choirs. The opportunity to create music with others is a never-ending delight. A few auditioned highlights include: invited flute quartet performer at the White House, Mid-Atlantic Flute Choir, Women's Choir (university), multiple All State Band appearances, and various events with the National Flute Association. I stepped away from performing while my children were young and am gradually reengaging as my youngest becomes more independent. 

I extend my gratitude to my teachers who challenged me to grow, instilled an ethic of hard work, and deepened my love of music: Dr. Linda Kirkpatrick, Jeffrey Fuchs, and master class (performing auditor/auditor) teachers Dr. William Montgomery and Sir James Galway.

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